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Industry–Education Integration Community of National Nonferrous Metals Industry established in Chongqing


A conference to establish the Industry–Education Integration Community of the National Nonferrous Metals Industry was held in Chongqing on July 2. Vice Minister of Education Wu Yan and General Manager and Director of the Aluminum Corporation of China Wang Shilei attended the event.

The conference noted that the establishment of an industry–education integration community is a significant means of implementing guidance from the 20th CPC National Congress and the instructions of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping on building a strong nation through education. The community aims to promote full integration of the education, industry, talent, and innovation chains and advance reform of the modern vocational education system. Considering the strategic importance of the nonferrous metals industry to the country, the establishment of this community, which focuses on training highly skilled talent and achieving breakthroughs in key technologies, is essential to ensuring that education supports and serves high-quality development of the nonferrous metals industry.

The conference stressed that building a strong nation through education is a strategic precursor to achieving socialist modernization, and vocational education is a vital force in creating a robust education system. Establishing the industry–education integration community and deepening reform of the modern vocational education system are thus strategic moves to further the progress of building a leading nation in education and advancing new industrialization. In this process, government, enterprises, and schools, as key stakeholders, should accurately position themselves within the community, solidify their responsibilities, and collaborate effectively. This will promote the mutual development of education and industry, fostering a community of cooperation, shared interests, and a shared future.

Officials and heads from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the Chinese Machinery, Metallurgical and Building Material Workers’ Union, Chongqing Municipality, relevant provincial and municipal educational administrative departments, enterprises, regular higher education institutions, vocational schools, and research institutes attended the conference.