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MOE launches financial aid hotline for new college students


The MOE recently set up a hotline to provide counseling on financial aid policies and related measures to newly enrolled college students from impoverished families. The hotline will be in service from July 1 to Sept. 15. Meanwhile, education authorities at the provincial level and HEIs affiliated with central government departments also set up similar hotlines.

The three types of hotlines deal with different issues. The MOE hotline will respond to information requests or complaints concerning various policies related to government provision of educational funding for students. Provincial-level hotlines will provide clarification on funding measures adopted by local universities, the “Green Channel” for low-income college students, student loans, financial aid for students from the central and western regions, etc. Hotlines offered by HEIs affiliated with central government departments will mainly offer clarification regarding relevant student loans, “green channels”, and scholarships and grants provided by these institutions themselves.

In addition, the MOE would like to remind students to remain vigilant against cyber fraud, especially student loan scams. Students are advised to refrain from responding to suspicious text messages and phone calls from unknown sources. They are also cautioned against making any hasty money transfers. They should be aware that the safest and most reliable way of solving financial difficulties is to seek advice and support from parents, teachers, and educational institutions.