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Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Ministry of Education jointly host open day event focused on protecting minors


On the eve of International Children's Day, the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Education (MOE) jointly organized the event “Prosecution and Education, Protecting Minors Together.” The event was held as part of the Procuratorate Open Day. Procurator General Ying Yong and Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng delivered speeches and extended holiday wishes to children across China.

In his speech, Ying emphasized the critical importance of protecting minors, describing them as the future of the nation. He underscored the vital role played by procuratorial organs to ensure the uniform and sound implementation of national laws, especially in safeguarding minors. Ying emphasized the importance of balancing education, probation, and correction in the modern day, with a focus on prevention rather than punishment. He said that procuratorial authorities in China are dedicated to building specialized schools, improving intervention systems for minors, and optimizing mechanisms for juvenile prosecution.

Ying also stressed the need for a comprehensive and systematic approach to protecting minors, involving collaboration between education and administrative departments. He underlined the need for legal literacy in children and young people, as well as the role of education in fostering self-protection.

Huai emphasized that protecting minors is fundamental to the happiness and peace of families. He urged the education system to prioritize the protection of minors, improving mechanisms to safeguard children's physical and mental health and supporting their comprehensive development. Huai called for a holistic approach to protection, involving every adult in schools, and stressed the importance of legal education in instilling respect for the law among children. He emphasized that schools must build a network of protection, ensuring every child's right to safety and healthy growth. The minister also called for collaboration with social organizations and professional institutions to provide specialized services tailored to students’ developmental needs.

During the event, instructors, students, and prosecutors staged a scenario to educate pupils about their rights and raise their legal awareness. The Supreme People's Procuratorate also released the 2023 White Paper on Procuratorial Work with Minors, outlining the year's achievements and future plans for safeguarding children's rights and welfare.