Press Releases

Huai Jinpeng inspects two universities in Beijing


Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng made an inspection visit to China University of Geosciences Beijing (CUGB) and Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) on June 3, to gain insights into key areas such as talent cultivation, scientific research, degree program development, and international cooperation. 

During his trip to CUGB, Minister Huai visited the exhibition hall dedicated to the big science program “Deep-time Digital Earth,” the Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory, and the Surficial Environment and Hydrological Geochemistry Laboratory. He encouraged CUGB to seek high-quality development in both talent cultivation and academic research by advancing these two areas in tandem to produce synergistic effects, with a view to turning itself into a world-class university in geosciences. More specifically, he stressed the need to train the next generation of leading experts in core technologies. He also suggested that the basic research teams of the university should have strategic visions and systematic roadmaps for their development. He added that such teams should focus on emerging technological fronts such as deep earth, deep sea, deep space, and deep time, and actively participate in international big science programs in these fields.

During his tour of BLCU, Minister Huai visited several research institutes specializing in educational policies related to international student programs, country and regional studies, and teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages (TCSOL). He noted that BLCU, as the only university in China whose primary mission is the dissemination of Chinese language and culture, should scale up its TCSOL program and improve its capacity to train international students to become ambassadors of friendship between China and other countries. He also underscored the importance of more effective and efficient international cooperation to increase China’s presence and prestige in the global education landscape.