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MOE launches special action plan for integrated, intelligent, and internationalized digital education


The MOE held a ceremony in Beijing to launch a special action plan for integrated, intelligent, and internationalized digital education. The event coincided with the two-year anniversary of launching the Smart Education of China platform. Key figures, including Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng and Vice Ministers Wang Jiayi and Wu Yan, attended the event.

Huai presented certificates honoring outstanding achievements in the 2023 National Reading Campaign for Children—also known as “Bookish Campuses”—as well as exemplary courses among the Smart Education of China platform’s “Most Popular Courses.” Wang announced the nationwide pilot adoption and standards for the comprehensive use of the platform in primary and secondary schools. He also launched the “Collaborative Learning: Exceptional Classes and Shared Reading” campaign, as well as the “Online Teaching Research” section. Wu unveiled the Artificial Intelligence Empowering Education initiative, introducing the intelligent upgrade plan for the platform and initiating the demonstration of large-scale AI applications in education.

A video of a reading class at Beijing Second Experimental Primary School was one of the ceremony’s highlights. The class promoted continuous exploration and innovation in approaches to the National Reading Campaign for Children, encouraging young readers to explore classic literature, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a habit of knowledge sharing.

In recent years, following President Xi Jinping’s directives on education, the MOE has focused on digitization as a key strategy for improving education. The comprehensive development of the Smart Education of China platform has provided effective support for personalized and lifelong learning, expanded access to high-quality educational resources, and contributed to the modernization of China’s education system.

As the third year of the National Strategy for Educational Digitization draws near, the MOE plans to shift its focus from the “3Cs” approach, which emphasizes connectivity, content orientation, and collaboration, to “3Is”, namely, integration, intelligence, and internationalization. This transition will be accompanied by a series of new measures aimed at expanding adoption of the Smart Education of China platform, and empowering education through artificial intelligence. These efforts are expected to drive continuous and significant advancements in digital education across China.