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Smart Education of China launches ‘Online Teaching Research’ section


The Smart Education of China platformlaunched its “Online Teaching Research” section at an event promoting integrated, intelligent, and internationalized digital education, in Beijing on Mar. 28. On the same day, the section’s first national collective online teaching and research activities were officially launched.

The new section, which is a collaborative effort by the MOE’s Basic Education Department and various educational institutions and is led by the MOE, leverages digital tools for research and instruction. The section will empower educators to implement reforms, meet curriculum standards, and develop new curricula, ultimately fostering a high-quality basic education system.

As part of the first teaching and research activities, educators collaborated online to explore the “Circles” unit. Organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education’s Research Office, this initiative included lesson plan demonstrations, roundtable discussions, expert guidance, and online interactions to address key issues faced by frontline teachers.

The platform will continue to integrate digital teaching research resources at various levels, bringing together outstanding educational researchers. By promoting best teaching practices and providing targeted teaching research assistance, the platform aims to drive the continuous improvement of teacher competency and educational quality.