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MOE launches fifth season of ‘National Recruitment Action’ to boost employment


The Ministry of Education, alongside several other ministries and commissions, has commenced the fifth season of the “National Recruitment Action,” a collaborative effort aimed at tackling employment challenges and creating job opportunities for college graduates and other key working-age groups in 2024.

The National Recruitment Action will run from March to August 2024, with a particular focus on supporting recent graduates from the classes of 2023 and 2024. The initiative takes a multifaceted approach to stimulating employment prospects.

Local authorities and organizations are ramping up efforts to implement employment facilitation policies, to help address the critical shortage of workers in certain sectors. Educational institutions and businesses are also working together to enhance the quality of employment services and create meaningful connections between graduates and potential employers.

Employers, including state-owned enterprises and private firms, are actively contributing to job listings on online platforms such as the National Job Postings Platform ( and the National Employment Service Platform for College Graduates ( Industry-specific and regional recruitment events are also being organized to help graduates find suitable employment.

The initiative is also leveraging the power of the media to reach a larger audience. China Central Television’s video platform is being used to launch recruitment campaigns across regional, industrial, and thematic dimensions, encouraging graduates to actively seek job opportunities.

Furthermore, supply and demand matching activities are being organized, such as matchmaking programs and university–business exchange activities, to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Employment guidance services, including the National College Students’ Career Planning Competition, are being provided to empower graduates to make informed career decisions.