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Report on higher education digitalization released


A report entitled Infinite Possibilities—Report on the Digital Development of Global Higher Education was released at the Global MOOC and Online Education Conference 2022 on December 9.

Divided into three sections, i.e., “World in Action,” “Changes and Challenges,” and “Together to the Future,” the report provides a deep look into the education digitalization measures taken by 50 countries and 26 international organizations, describes their successful stories and future trends, and puts forward six missions and objectives for the next 10 to 15 years. It also features the Digital Development Index of Global Higher Education, which has four primary indicators, 10 secondary indicators and 18 specific attributes, aiming to help people better describe the current situation, predict future trends, and develop targeted policies.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education of China, the report was compiled by 200 senior global experts from 72 universities, governmental bodies, and international organizations. It is the world’s first report on higher education digitalization for which China led the compilation.