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Tian Xuejun attends Fourth Session of 2011 Tokyo Convention Committee


The Fourth Session of the Committee of the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (2011 Tokyo Convention) was held on November 30. Vice Minister of Education Tian Xuejun attended virtually and gave a speech.

Tian said the Tokyo Convention promotes mutual recognition of qualifications in higher education throughout the Asia-Pacific region and supports students in this region to receive quality overseas education. He said China, as one of the first countries to ratify and implement the Convention, has been dedicated to promoting mutual recognition of qualifications and encouraging the sharing of practices and examples. In addition, as the host of the Convention Committee, China will engage more deeply in the implementation of the Convention and collaboration with relevant parties.

Tian stressed that China will continue to open up its education sector to the world and hopes to join hands with UNESCO and countries in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen regional synergy on education, so as to fulfill the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and build a community of common destiny for mankind.