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Global Chinese Language Development Research Center holds launch ceremony


The launch ceremony for the Global Chinese Language Development Research Center (GCLDRC), a research base under the stewardship of the State Language Commission (SLC), was held on Nov. 18 at East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai.

The establishment of the GCLDRC is one of the major measures taken by the SLC to fulfill the task of “better telling China’s stories, making China’s voice heard, and better presenting Chinese culture to the world” as stated at the 20th CPC National Congress on Oct. 16. The organization will conduct research on the development of Chinese language worldwide, using an interdisciplinary approach. It will focus on strategic and policy issues in the communication of Chinese culture across the world, with a view to providing valuable insights into the implementation of the “Chinese Culture Going Global” strategy. The center will be jointly managed by the Department of Language Information Management under the Ministry of Education (MOE) and ECNU.

The SLC research bases serve as platforms for organizing high-level research on Chinese language, implementing related major projects, cultivating professionals, communicating policies, and conducting exchanges. To date, the SLC has built 25 research bases jointly with various universities and research institutes, producing a large number of significant research studies.