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7th Chinese Classical Text Recitation Performance held in Guangzhou


The Seventh Chinese Classical Text Recitation Performance for students from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao was held at South China Normal University in Guangzhou in a hybrid format on Nov. 8. For the performance, selected works from the Chinese classical repertoire were picked.

Vice Minister of Education Tian Xuejun participated in the ceremony via video conference and delivered a speech.

According to Tian, the Ministry of Education (MOE) places high value on expanding the use of Mandarin and increasing cultural contacts between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. In the Greater Bay Area, a primarily Cantonese-speaking region, the MOE has made notable gains in Mandarin capacity building through promoting Mandarin teaching, conducting classical text recitation contests, and providing students with Mandarin and cultural training.

Tian said it is the responsibility of educational institutions to transmit and promote the Chinese language and China’s traditional culture as well as instill cultural pride and confidence in young minds. He urged local universities to foster closer exchange and collaboration in Mandarin instruction across Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, in support of the integrated development of the Greater Bay Area.