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Chinese Society of Education launches state-level journal


The Chinese Society of Education held a launch event for its new journal China Basic Education on July 5, followed by a meeting on enhancing professional development for teachers in basic education and celebrating China’s 38th Teachers’ Day. Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng, Vice Minister of Education Zheng Fuzhi, and President of the Chinese Society of Education Zhu Zhiwen attended the event, along with over 40 representatives of local educational departments, educational associations, school principals and teachers, and invited guests from around the country.

At the event, Huai Jinpeng announced the launch of both China Basic Education and MOE’s National Smart Education Platform for Primary and Secondary Schools. Zheng Fuzhi stressed in his speech that the Chinese Society of Education needs to leverage its strengths to produce an authoritative, professional, high-quality academic journal that can provide guidance for better reform of basic education in the new era.

As a major move by the Chinese Society of Education to serve educational development, China Basic Education is currently the only state-level scholarly journal in the area of basic education. It aims to provide authoritative and clear articulation of educational policies and give a boost to innovation in basic educational theories and practices. With a focus on collecting and sharing experience and lessons learnt in the reform of basic education and advocacy of the Chinese nation’s fine educational traditions, China Basic Education will promote the exploration of effective paths for quality development of basic education and academic research on future trends in basic education. In addition to reflecting global developments in basic education, it will show the rest of the world China’s new achievements in the area and increase the international influence of Chinese education.

During the post-launch meeting, which was jointly held by the Chinese Society of Education and two departments under MOE, Director-general of the Department of Basic Education Lv Yugang and Director-general of the Department of Teacher Education Ren Youqun delivered reports on “China’s reform and development progress in basic education in the past decade” and “Building a high-quality, professional, and innovative teacher workforce in basic education in the new era,” respectively. Honorary President of the Chinese Society of Education Gu Mingyuan and other participants also exchanged views on the theme “Enhancing teacher professional development in basic education in the new era.”