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MOE to dispatch corps of principals to western poverty-stricken counties


A training session for a group of educational experts selected from eastern regions to work as principals in poor western counties was recently held by the Organizational Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Beijing. Vice Education Minister Sun Yao attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Dispatching principals to schools in poor western counties is one of MOE’s targeted poverty relief programs following the central government’s decision to facilitate a smooth transition from poverty alleviation to rural rejuvenation. The meeting stressed that principals need to bring out the unique strengths of the schools they will be working in. The principals were urged to analyze and seek solutions adapted to local conditions. They were also urged to focus on enhancing both school facilities and educational quality in order to give every child in the regions a chance for success in life.

The current MOE targeted support program was initiated at the beginning of this year in coordination with seven other central government departments. The program’s goal is to develop one excellent regular senior high school and one excellent vocational high school in each of the 160 counties designated by central authorities as requiring targeted support. For the initial phase of the program, 247 energetic and experienced educational professionals have been selected from eight eastern provinces to serve as high school principals in the selected counties for a three-year period. Each principal will be assisted by a team of about 10 outstanding teachers and managerial staff.

Principals and other experts at the meeting shared their thoughts on major aspects of the program. “Launching this program is a great decision made by the central government,” said Liu Pengzhi, director of the program’s advisory committee. “By dispatching good principals to poor counties, the program aims to help develop a good school in each of these counties. These schools will then serve as models for the whole county. This measure will, above all, bring fundamental change.”