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Minister of Education inspects organization of College Entrance Exams

Source: MOE

On the morning of June 7, the Minister of education Huai Jinpeng inspected the organization of the national college entrance exams at a number of test locations through the National Examination Command Platform moments before the start of the first test. He heard reports from emergency response units and gave instructions.

Huai first expressed his appreciation to exam organizers and support personnel for their hard work. Stressing the importance of the college entrance exams for the candidates and their families, he urged educational departments at sub-national levels to ensure proper organization of the tests.

Given challenges caused by new waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of cities, Huai gave instructions on four fronts. First, to ensure the safety of candidates for the exam, the latest COVID protocols and guidelines had to be strictly followed. Secondly, security measures and safeguards needed to be taken to thwart cheating in exams, given the widespread use of new communications technologies. Third, support in terms of transport, noise control, and heatstroke prevention, needed to be provided to test-takers. Finally, emergency response units were required to be on standby throughout the tests.