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MOE launches national smart education platform


The MOE held a ceremony to launch the National Smart Education Platform on March 28. Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng attended the ceremony and announced the official launch of the platform.

The minister said that the launch of the platform, as a milestone achievement of the education system in advancing digitization, would greatly help bridge the “digital divide”, and generate more momentum for the ongoing digital transformation of China’s education system. He urged local educational departments to promote the use of the platform and explore other IT solutions in order to help build modern educational infrastructure. As a next step, he said a public service system for educational digitalization would be built, prioritizing services for students and teachers amid a new round of COVID-19 outbreak. A result-oriented approach and a focus on effectiveness and efficiency would be vitally important, he said. In addition, institutional mechanisms had to be strengthened to bring together all stakeholders in building this service system. Cooperation and exchanges with the rest of the world would also be necessary, as China strives to be an international leader in smart education.

The platform comes with easy-to-use applications and tools tailored to the needs of school students and offers abundant digital resources.

Li Shushen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Vice Minister of Education Weng Tiehui moderated the ceremony.