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Minister of Education carries out inspection in Guangdong


Between September 24th and 26th, Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng carried out an inspection of education in Guangdong Province.

Huai was briefed on the progress made in implementing guidelines to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring on students in compulsory education. He underlined the significance of this reform initiative, calling it a matter of immediate interest to the general public and concerning the fundamental mission of education. He urged local governments to identify gaps, risks and challenges, and introduce institutionalized measures and safeguards with a sense of responsibility and forward-looking planning, in order to bring the reform to fruition.

The minister noted the importance of involving all stakeholders in seeing the reform through and exploring a sustainable model where school and off-campus resources are distributed in an optimal way towards students’ well-rounded development.

During the trip, the minister visited a number of primary schools, vocational schools and higher education institutions.