Press Releases

MOE releases epidemic control measures for the new semester


On August 27, the Ministry of Education (MOE) held a press conference, releasing epidemic control measures for the upcoming fall semester.

According to the MOE, schools are asked to strengthen health monitoring of their students and faculty members, keeping record of their visit history during the last 14 days before returning school. Schools located in high or medium-risk areas should postpone the start of the new semester, and students and teachers who have visited high or medium-risk areas should delay their return to school. Students, faculty members and other staff of higher education institutions are required to show negative results of nucleic acid tests taken within 48 hours of their return from vacation. Students of higher education institutions are required to wear masks on campus. For primary and secondary school students in low-risk areas and kindergarten pupils, not wearing masks at school are allowed.

Schools are not permitted to begin classes if they fail to meet local COVID-19 control standards or if they are not fully prepared for an emergency. Higher education institutions should not, unless necessary, organize mass-gathering indoor events. Important events like school opening ceremony should be held outdoors. Nursery schools and kindergarten should strictly monitor and control pupils’ daily gathering and should not organize mass-gathering events.

An MOE official pointed out that we should be fully aware of the importance and complexity of epidemic control and prevention. To better cope with possible outbreaks of COVID-19 in the new semester, emergency preparedness and response plans should be formulated for schools and governments at all levels, and preparation for online teaching should be made.