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MOE issues teaching reform guidelines for PE and health education


The MOE issued the Teaching Reform Guidelines for Physical Education and Health (for trial implementation) as part of an effort to implement requirements on improving physical education in the new era emanating from the National Education Conference 2021. The Guidelines contain the main tasks involved in deepening the reform of PE teaching in primary and secondary schools, and set out organizational safeguards, implementation plans, and supervision and evaluation mechanisms.

Teachers are expected to explore innovative, effective teaching approaches to help students “become good at some sports, enjoy themselves, enhance physical fitness, build their character and a strong will” through physical exercise. To this end, they are encouraged to bear in mind the role of PE classes, optimize class organization, innovate with teaching methods and improve summative assessment. Schools are required to provide the needed support in terms of organization, adequate PE class hours, teacher workforce, training facilities and equipment.

According to the Guidelines, evaluation will be focused on supervision by local educational departments, implementation of reform measures by schools, teaching methods used by teachers, and students’ PE attainments.