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MOE helps students ‘look out’ for their eyes over the summer


As the 2021 summer vacation arrived, the Ministry of Education organized a national expert mission on comprehensive myopia prevention among children and adolescents. The group made 9 recommendations for eye health and maintaining good eyesight:

1. Exercise outdoors regularly. Primary and secondary age children should exercise outdoors for at least two hours a day, while younger children should get at least three hours of outdoor exercise, preferably in the morning and evening to avoid sunlight and the heat.

2. Sit with neck and head in an upright position. Adjust the chair and desk to keep an ideal reading distance of about 15 inches, and rest your eyes from time to time.

3. Choose print materials with the right font size. The materials should be as non-reflective as possible, to ensure comfortable reading.

4. Read and write in a well-lit room. Use a desk lamp to get extra light when working in dim lighting conditions.

5. Use a large screen and keep a good distance from it when learning online. Avoid using the mobile phone for e-learning. Choose devices with a larger screen and high resolution. Make sure to position the screen so your eye gaze is directed slightly downward. Projector screens should be viewed from at least three meters, and computer monitors from about 20 inches.   

6. Limit screen time and follow the 20-20-20 rule. Younger children should keep screen time to a minimum. Every 20 minutes, give your eyes a break by looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This allows your eyes to relax.

7. Keep a balanced diet and get enough sleep. Keep a regular and healthy lifestyle. Ensure sufficient sleep every day - 10 hours for pupils, 9 hours for junior high school students and 8 hours for senior high school students. Eating more fruit and vegetables and less snacks and fried foods.

8. Get regular eye exams. Watch out for early signs of eye problems, such as blurred vision, and get regular checkups.  

9. See an eye care specialist. If symptoms are diagnosed, seek immediate medical attention at a specialized eye hospital.