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Conference on development of new humanities education held in Shandong


On November 3, the Conference on the Development of New Humanities Education was held by the MOE in Weihai, Shandong province. It discussed measures to be taken in facilitating innovation in humanities education, which resulted in a document – the Declaration on the Development of New Humanities Education.

It was noted at the conference that humanities education played a central role in cultivating confidence, stimulating independent thinking, creating values and enhancing cultural self-awareness. The initiative of developing new humanities education aimed to encourage innovation, and produce the talent needed for the new era: talent which can enhance the country’s cultural soft power.

It was stressed that the initiative would bring about changes not only in the humanities (including philosophy and social sciences) themselves, but also natural sciences (including science, engineering, agriculture and medicine), and even higher education as a whole. As such, it should involve efforts in optimizing disciplines, improving curricula and modifying teaching models. It should also better leverage four projects which regularly invite experts in political science and law, journalism and communication, economics, and arts to give lectures in universities, with a view to training well-rounded and application-oriented talent.

The conference also included an inauguration ceremony of the National New Humanities Education Research Center, an institution housed in Shandong University.

The event was attended by leaders and well-known scholars from over 130 universities. It set up sub-venues in all provincial-level educational authorities and higher education institutions across the country.