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Padma Choling meets with Macau Education Delegation for China’s 2020 National Day Celebration


Deputy Director of National People’s Congress Standing Committee Padma Choling met with the Macau Education Delegation for China’s 2020 National Day Celebration on September 29 at the Great Hall of People in Beijing. This year’s delegation was the 17th of its kind to be invited by the Ministry of Education, to visit the mainland prior to National Day and comprised 60 delegates, including officials from the education department in the Macau Government, university presidents and middle-level and elementary school principals, outstanding teacher representatives, and heads of educational organizations from the Macau SAR.

Padma Choling introduced to the delegation the brilliant accomplishments of the past 71 years’ social and economic development since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, recognizing the contribution made by the country men and women of Macau to the process. He also encouraged education workers in Macau to cultivate talent loving the motherland and Macau, striving to carry forward the practice of “one country, two systems”, maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Macau and achieve the great revitalization of the Chinese nation.

Vice Minister of Education Zheng Fuzhi attended the event as moderator.

The Hong Kong and Macau Education Delegations for National Day Celebration were first organized by the MOE in 2004, which has enabled the education sector of Hong Kong and Macau to know better about traditional Chinese culture and recent development outcomes of motherland and greatly strengthened their sense of national identity and patriotism.