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2020 National Education Informatization Conference held in Beijing


On July 15, the 2020 National Education Informatization Conference was held in Beijing in form of video conference. Vice Minister of Education and member of the MOE's Party Leading Group Zhong Denghua attended the conference and delivered a speech.

The conference noted that, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the MOE's Party Leading Group had already made preparations and created top-down planning for work on epidemic prevention and control and educational reform, and effectively supported online teaching/learning for nearly 300 million teachers and students with informatization of education. There was a necessity to gather successful experiences in this large-scale home study initiative and take the opportunity brought by the integrated development trend of on-and-offline education, thereby catalyzing the informatization of education.

The conference stressed that, to ensure realization of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Education, it was imperative to concentrate efforts on fulfilling the political mission of poverty elimination through education, enhancing infrastructure development for application of IT in education, and promoting the co-creation and sharing of quality educational resources. Meanwhile, efforts also needed to be directed towards continuous improvement in the information literacy of teachers and students, deepened reform of pedagogy in the online learning context, better application of IT in education management and creation of a safer online environment for the education system.

The conference demanded that the education sector uphold the CPC's comprehensive leadership over the informatization of education and develop a sound management system for the informatization of education, improving the policy environment and input channels that involved multiple parties while creating a strong talent pipeline for the informatization of education by organizing more thematic training activities.

Participants from Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Shandong and Shaanxi spoke at the conference to exchange information. Heads of the MOE's relevant departments and affiliated institutions and representatives of enterprises including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Satcom attended the conference. Representatives of the National Council for Directors of Centers for Educational Technology and the National Work Conference for Directors of Education Management Information Centers, were also present.