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MOE issues joint notice on increasing vocational college enrollment


As part of the effort to implement the requirement proposed in the Report on the Work of the Government 2020 that “more than 35 million vocational skills training opportunities be provided, and enrollment in vocational colleges grow by 2 million, to help more people improve their skills and secure jobs”, the MOE, in conjunction with other five ministries, issued a co-drafted document entitled Notice on Increasing Vocational College Enrollment for 2020 (“Notice”).

The Notice requires that sub-national educational authorities steadily expand the scale of higher vocational education, and mobilize local resources to increase enrolment, improve teaching and training programs, and ensure full employment of graduates.

The Notice encourages educational authorities to systematically take stock of existing experience and practices, and channel resources to the best vocational colleges and programs vital for promoting economic development and expanding employment. Students from deprived areas, ex-servicemen, laid-off workers, migrant workers, aspiring farmers, and full-time factory workers and community-level agricultural technicians are especially encouraged to sign up for vocational colleges. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, vocational colleges are required to provide the necessary assistance to candidates to register for entrance exams and admission.