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MOE holds multiple international online conferences to share Covid-19 battle experience


The MOE has held video conferences with its counterparts in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Tanzania respectively to share its experience in fighting the novel coronavirus in the field of education. At the meetings, heads of departments under the MOE presented China’s practices with regard to Covid-19 prevention on campus, protection of teachers and students after reopening of schools, and online teaching and examinations, among other topics, and addressed issues of concern to these countries. The education ministries of the three countries applauded the MOE’s achievements in combating the pandemic across the education system and expressed appreciation to the MOE for holding timely meetings to share this valuable experience.

As a follow-up to these exchanges, the MOE will, at the request of its counterparts, provide materials in English on China’s experience of combating Covid-19, especially on the reopening of schools and resumption of face-to-face classes.