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MOE holds meeting to assign responsibility for the management of proposals tabled during the “Two Sessions”


On June 22, the MOE held a meeting to assign responsibility for the management of proposals tabled at the 2020 “Two Sessions” to its departments and directly affiliated institutions. Vice Minister of Education Sun Yao attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Sun said that the management of these proposals was key to addressing public concerns and gathering insights that would inform subsequent decisions and policies. As such, various MOE departments and institutions were expected to actively handle proposals that fell within their remits.

Sun stressed that this year’s larger volume of proposals with shorter deadlines called for an efficient mechanism to be established to ensure that each proposal was handled suitably. The mechanism needed to include: a) in-depth communication with the NPC deputies and CPPCC members who had tabled education-related proposals, through multiple channels including symposia, phone calls and WeChat, as well as face-to-face discussions; b) a system for recording the handling process and regular reporting; and c) a means to supervise the process through an online platform, document issuance, phone calls and interviews.

Sun also noted that, in communicating with the deputies and members, relevant MOE officials needed to explain educational policies in detail to ensure they were fully understood and accepted. In addition, greater effort had to be made to identify, study and handle key proposals regarding complicated and difficult issues.

At the meeting, departments, institutions and individuals that had outstanding performances in handling proposals from the 2019 “Two Sessions” were praised and received awards. Heads of 23 departments and 5 affiliated institutions attended the meeting.

According to the statistics, a total of 2,338 education-related proposals were tabled at this year’s “Two Sessions”, an increase of 24.4% over last year, of which 1,146 will be processed by the MOE, up 20.1% over last year.