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Ministry of Education publishes plans on further opening of education


The Ministry of Education and seven other ministries recently published a joint document containing plans for the further opening of education in the new era. Four major proposals are included:

1. Integration of the opening up of education into the broader framework of national in-depth reforms, including:

Removal of institutional barriers to further encourage cross-border and overseas joint education programs and education programs established by Chinese higher educational institutions in foreign countries; streamlining of administrative procedures in schools to facilitate the management of Chinese students studying abroad, international students studying in China, and foreign experts and foreign teachers working in China.

2. Prioritization of student education:

Enhancement of Chinese university and college student education, to foster globally competitive, high-caliber professionals. Establishment of an open, high-quality and world-class vocational education system with Chinese characteristics. Broadening of basic education to produce students with well-rounded skills, and international vision.

3. Improvement of broader education:

Implementation of measures to facilitate the path of Chinese students pursuing studies abroad, deepen cooperation in international education, encourage mutual recognition of credits and jointly conferred degrees, and expand the global influence of China’s online education. Also, high-quality educational resources from foreign countries should be provided to the less-developed central and western regions of China via internet or other smart technologies.

4. Export of "China's models" to the world:

Strengthened efforts to implement the Education Action Plan for the Belt and Road Initiative, diversify the provision of public goods in the education sector, deepen cooperation with international organizations, contribute to the realization of the education goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, establish an effective system to promote the development of courses aimed at international learners, and advocate Chinese language learning in more foreign countries.