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MOE spokesperson responds to US restrictions on Chinese students


Q: On May 30, the Trump administration announced the adoption of measures to restrict certain Chinese students from studying in the United States. Elsewhere, a number of US politicians have recently expressed negative opinions regarding Chinese students coming to study in the US, through different media. What do you have to say on this?

A: China resolutely opposes any US governament move to restrict Chinese students studying abroad and strongly condemns any calculated politicization and stigmatization of normal academic exchanges. The US leadership has repeatedly said it welcomed Chinese students going to study in the States, which comes in direct contradiction with the new limits. The Chinese government urges the US authorities to return to rational thinking, respect public opinion and do more to enhance mutual exchange and understanding between the two countries. We will continue to support exchanges between Chinese and American students and welcome students from across the world—including the United States—to study in China.