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MOE adopts comprehensive action plans for the admission of students from rural and poverty-stricken areas to key HEIs


In a bid to follow up on decisions taken by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on poverty relief and COVID-19 prevention and control, the MOE recently adopted a comprehensive action plan aimed at key universities and colleges to recruit students from rural and poverty-stricken areas in 2020.

The MOE stressed that local education-related government departments had to strictly fulfill the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, safeguard the health and safety of all students and staff involved in the 2020 college entrance examinations, and ensure the successful implementation of the special admissions plans. Considering the month postponement in holding the 2020 college entrance examinations, local educational authorities were also expected to draw up suitable timetables for processing special admissions, including the organization of college recruitment campaigns, student application and approval processes, and enrollment services.

The MOE strongly urged local HEIs to fully comply with national policies and regulations on admissions, and relevant work discipline rules, and admissions offices of provincial educational departments to strengthen their oversight of local HEI compliance. They needed to develop targeted recruitment campaigns designed to take into account local conditions in rural and poverty-stricken areas and the effects of current epidemic control strategies, while providing consulting services to student applicants for higher effectiveness in the campaigns. HEIs involved in this initiative were also called upon to ensure that suitable frameworks to receive these students on undergraduate programs were in place, including measures that would accompany students throughout their period of study, to help them progress successfully to graduation. In accordance with state policy, in 2020, counties that have been officially taken off the country’s list of impoverished areas will maintain eligibility for national policies on HEI special admissions.