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MOE upgrades free online learning platform for students


On February 17, the MOE launched the National Online Cloud Classroom (, a free online learning platform for primary and secondary school students studying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to its stability and convenience in operation, the platform has been welcomed since inception by students, parents and teachers.

To add to its current resources and promote the all-round development of students, the platform is being upgraded, and will feature ten sections comprising epidemic prevention education, moral education, course learning, life safety education, mental health education, family education, classic readings, studying and learning, audiovisual education, and digital textbooks. The upgraded platform will give students the autonomy to study at home.

Meanwhile, at the request of students and parents, the platform has incorporated streamed content from the TV series “Taking the Same Class” by CETV-4 (China Education Network Television Channel 4) for primary and secondary school students, which will be available both live and on demand through the platform.

The upgraded platform will be online from February 24.