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2020 National Education Research Conference convened in Beijing

Source: China Education Daily

The 2020 National Education Research Conference was convened in Beijing on January 6 and attended by over 140 representatives from China’s education research institutes, higher education institutions and local government.

In his speech at the event, Vice Minister of Education Tian Xuejun underscored that the Ministry of Education had set out a new blueprint to guide China’s education research in the new era. He said five major measures would be taken to improve the China’s research in education:

1. Ensuring the continued and overall leadership of CPC over education research;

2. Improving institutional mechanisms to support educational research;

3. Encouraging innovation in academic research methods and paradigms;

4. Improving the quality of educational research to ensure it contributes to educational reform needs; and

5. Preparing a large pool of highly trained, innovative academic researchers.