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Meeting held to further regulate out-of-school education agencies

Source: Xinhua

BEIJING, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- China has urged local authorities to rigidly implement policies such as admission without examinations during compulsory education to address the root causes of out-of-school training fervor.

Zheng Fuzhi, the vice minister of education, made the remarks at a meeting held by the ministry in Beijing last week to discuss local experience in regulating the development of out-of-school education agencies and make further arrangements for the work.

The nationwide efforts to regulate out-of-school education agencies have delivered remarkable results and curbed some major irregularities, said Zheng, adding that much work is still needed to meet people's expectations.

Zheng stressed addressing the problem of the out-of-school education fervor at its root, coordinating the regulation of online and offline agencies and better supervision over the work to eliminate blind spots.

He also called for the provision of better on-campus education resources to meet students' diverse needs and the improved implementation of a blacklist-whitelist mechanism to regulate agencies.