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Final of the Fifth China College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to be held

Source: China Education Daily

The Fifth China College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereafter referred to as “the Competition”) is taking place from October 13 to 15 at Zhejiang University in Zhejiang Province. The event will bring together a total of 4.57 million students and 1.09 million teams from 4,093 universities and colleges from 124 countries/regions, and the number of sub-competitions and participants almost exceeds the total of the past four years.

Wu Yan, Director of the MOE’s Department of Higher Education declared that, “this year’s competition is more inclusive, internationalized, and education-oriented.”

Inclusiveness was broadened by the fact that apart from being the largest event so far, this year’s competition extended its scope to include a senior high school student team category, which means that the competition now offers full coverage of higher education, vocational education and basic education institutions.

In terms of international representation, this year saw 6,000 participants attending from 1,153 universities and colleges from around the world.

The competition is also a platform for education: over one million students attending the event will take part in a campaign under the theme “path to building a communist dream”, where they can learn more about China’s revolutionary history and make their contribution to the country’s poverty alleviation efforts.

The communist party secretary of Zhejiang University Ren Shaobo added that this year’s competition comprised 6 parallel activities: namely the “path to building a communist dream” campaign, a road show of the best projects from the competition, a dialogue on future technology in 2049, trips to learn more about successful entrepreneurs from Zhejiang Province and a UNESCO-APEID Meeting on Entrepreneurship Education.