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Chen Baosheng hosts face-to-face meetings with experts


Minister of Education Chen Baosheng visited several universities in Beijing and hosted face-to-face meetings respectively with four leading experts in China, i.e. Justin Yifu Lin, eminent economist from Peking University, Qian Yi, environmental engineering scientist from Tsinghua University, Wang Chunyi, biology teacher from Beijing National Day School, and Gu Mingyuan, expert in comparative education from Beijing Normal University.

Lin talked about the influence of the China–US Trade War on China’s higher education and offered possible solutions. Qian provided recommendations on how to improve the quality of teaching in higher education institutions. Wang expressed her opinions on how to enhance faculty development in primary, junior high and senior high schools. Gu shared his views on several topics, such as teacher education, enrollment in higher education institutions, employment reform in the education sector, and measures to lessen the academic burden on students.

Chen said the Ministry of Education would seriously consider the valuable insights and recommendations offered by the experts, and measures would be taken to address people’s major concerns about education.