Fun and games to usher in the New Year in kindergarten


At Shuang Luan District No. 3 Kindergarten in Chengde, Hebei Province, in December children were invited to take part in a range of activities such as making dumplings and ornaments, and designing and rehearsing New Year-themed performances on the theme of “Happy New Year”.  For the past few years, all lessons in this kindergarten have been organized in the form of games, in order to encourage the children’s engagement and allow them to develop skills while having fun.

Teacher taking a selfie with pupils. [Photo/Yang Shufeng & Zhang Xuejun]

Teacher showing children how to decorate red lanterns. [Photo/Yang Shufeng & Zhang Xuejun]

Pupil shows his teacher his paper cutting work. [Photo/Yang Shufeng & Zhang Xuejun]

Little girl declaring: “I can make Tanghulu!” [Photo/Yang Shufeng & Zhang Xuejun]