International students exploring the ancient art of tea ceremony


On June 25, 2019, international students at Jiangsu University coming from Russia, Côte d'Ivoire, Malaysia, Brunei, and Zimbabwe gathered at Wenxin Academy in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, learning and exploring the art of Diancha under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Diancha is a method of tea ceremony that was popular in the Song Dynasty, and is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

International students learning the rituals of Diancha tea ceremony [Photo/Shi Yucheng,Zhou Cunjun]

Tea ceremony practitioner demonstrating the rituals of Diancha tea ceremony  [Photo/Shi Yucheng,Zhou Cunjun]

Tea ceremony practitioner explaining traditional tea ceremony etiquette  [Photo/Shi Yucheng,Zhou Cunjun]

International students interacting with the tea ceremony practitioner  [Photo/Shi Yucheng,Zhou Cunjun]