Media Highlights

International Higher Education Forum 2023 held at Xiamen University

Source: China Education Daily

The International Higher Education Forum 2023 was held at Xiamen University on Dec. 10, focusing on the theme “Sustainable Higher Education in the Digital Era.” The event attracted over 800 representatives from nearly 30 countries and territories. Vice Minister of Education Wu Yan spoke at the forum.

Wu emphasized that creating a digital China is important to advancing the country’s modernization and creating new national advantages. He emphasized that educational digitization is a critical and necessary response to the ongoing technological and industrial revolutions, as it promotes higher quality and more equitable education. As an example of China’s digital education strategy, Wu brought attention to the country’s massive online teaching system and the world’s largest national higher education smart education platform, both of which showcase China’s experiences in MOOCs and online education.

The vice minister emphasized that digitization is a driving force shaping the future of education. He presented several major proposals, including reshaping teaching ecosystems through educational digitization, empowering teachers through digital tools, leveraging data for precise educational governance, and fostering international collaboration in educational digitization.

The International Higher Education Forum is a flagship event of the China Higher Education Society, with 22 successful sessions to date. Co-hosted with Xiamen University and supported by the Fujian Provincial Education Department, this year’s forum reflected the global commitment to advancing education through digital innovation.