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First Ancient Chinese Writings and Civilization Forum held in Beijing

Source: China Education Daily

Tsinghua University hosted the first Forum on Ancient Chinese Writings and Civilization on Oct. 21–22 in Beijing, bringing together more than 120 experts and scholars from over 40 institutions in 13 countries. The event was the first international academic exchange on ancient Chinese texts and civilization since the Ministry of Education and seven other government agencies initiated the “Project on the Transmission and Development of Ancient Chinese Texts and Civilization.”

The forum was established to explore the origins of ancient Chinese texts dating back more than three millennia. It aims to promote the transmission and development of traditional Chinese culture while fostering cross-cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.

The forum included in-depth discussion and exchange between Chinese and international scholars on a range of topics, including ancient states and societies, and the Tsinghua Bamboo Strips, a collection of Chinese writings dating back 2300 years, as well as texts from the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600–770 BC), the Warring States (475–221 BC), and the Qin and Han dynasties (221 BC–AD 220).

The forum was broadcast live on virtual platforms and attracted nearly 450,000 viewers.