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Masks, isolation rooms for this year's national college entrance exam

Source: Xinhua

BEIJING, June 19 (Xinhua) -- This year's gaokao, or China's national college entrance exam, will see strict anti-epidemic measures at the exam sites including requiring students and invigilators to wear face masks and preparing isolation rooms for those with suspicious symptoms.

He Qinghua, an official with the National Health Commission, said at a press conference held by the Ministry of Education Friday that all relevant personnel should get their temperatures checked and wear face masks before entering the exam sites.

After entering the exam rooms, students from areas with low infection risks can decide whether to wear masks while those from medium- and high-risk areas and all invigilators and staff need to wear masks for the duration of the exams, the official said.

Special isolation rooms will be set up at each exam site, and students found to have high temperatures or respiratory ailments will first undergo a health evaluation conducted by professional personnel to decide if they are fit enough to take the gaokao. If they pass the evaluation, they can use the isolation rooms to take their exams, He said.

Invigilators at these isolation rooms will need to wear protective suits if necessary, the official added.

The official also stressed careful disinfection and proper ventilation at test sites.

Wang Hui, a senior official with the education ministry, said relevant authorities at all levels are told to take the anti-epidemic work for the exam very seriously and formulate detailed plans.

He also noted that efforts to ensure order and discipline at the exam sites and crack down on cheating will be no less strict.

Wang said authorities will also provide better services for students, including the provision of anti-epidemic materials and psychological counseling.

Zhang Zuoliang, an official with the public security ministry, said police patrols around the exam sites will be strengthened during this period to ensure sound security and traffic order in these areas.

The gaokao for this year has been postponed by one month to July due to the novel coronavirus disease epidemic.

A total of 10.71 million students will sit this year's exam.