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China cancels second bachelor degree program for university graduates

Source: Xinhua

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Chinese universities and colleges will stop enrolling college graduates for a second bachelor degree from July, according to a guideline issued by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.

The program to enroll graduates for a second bachelor degree was set up as a complement to China's postgraduate programs to cultivate high-caliber professionals.

However, along with the rapid development of China's postgraduate education, the second bachelor degree program has become outdated, said the committee.

The committee noted that the newly-issued guideline aims to address problems of China's bachelor degree system, including lack of support for training versatile talents.

According to the guideline, universities and colleges can establish programs for students to develop a secondary academic discipline.

">The students can voluntarily minor in other studies at their own universities, the document said, adding that the schools can also conduct training programs to grant two bachelor degrees to students, which will require the review and approval of provincial academic degrees committees.

Universities and colleges can also set up joint training programs to cooperate with each other in cultivating versatile talents, the guideline said.