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Newly enrolled undergraduate, postgraduate students in China on the rise

Source: Xinhua

BEIJING, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- The number of students newly admitted to undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by higher education institutions across China increased by 3.87 percent and 6.43 percent respectively year on year in 2018, the Ministry of Education said Tuesday.

Last year, a total of 7.91 million people were newly enrolled in undergraduate programs, including Bachelor degree programs or junior college courses, with the total enrollment of such programs rising 2.81 percent year on year to 28.31 million, according to ministry officials at a press conference Tuesday.

Meanwhile, 2018 recorded a total of 858,000 newly enrolled postgraduate students, with the total enrollment increasing by 3.47 percent year on year to 2.73 million.

Citing national education statistics, the ministry said in 2018 China had a total of 1,245 universities where programs leading to Bachelor or higher level degrees are offered, two more than the previous year.

The country had a total of 1,418 colleges that offer higher vocational education programs or junior college courses, 30 more than in 2017.