The Fourth IEEE Micromouse International Invitational Competition launched in Tianjin


On May 8, the Fourth “Qicheng Cup” IEEE Micromouse International Invitational Competition and China Trials for 2020 World APEC Micromouse Contest was held in Tianjin, a side event of the National Vocational Students Skills Competition 2019.

Fifty-two teams from countries including China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia and Portugal joined the event. For the first time the contest organized five categories of players according to their educational background, i.e. middle school group, vocational school group, undergraduate group, postgraduate group and professional group, as a way to increase participation and improve the quality of the contest.

The world’s top ranking Micromouse players Utsunomiya Masakazu and Matsui Yuki also participated.

With a history of over 40 years, Micromouse competitions is specifically designed to test players’ skills and knowledge in various areas, including manufacturing, technology, robotics, and automation. According to Ms. Song Lihong, an expert on Micromouse, this contest has been hosted by China for the past three years, and it served as a perfect stepping stone for Chinese players to open their horizons, sharpen their skills, better understand the international competition rules, and exchange with foreign players. Many highly talented Chinese players in this competition were selected to participate in world-class Micromouse tournaments in the USA, Portugal, the UK, Japan and other countries.