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Vocational Education Week held at Yiwu International Expo Center


An exhibition showcasing local vocational education achievements was recently held at the “Beautiful Country Pavilion” at the Yiwu International Expo Center. Teachers and students from four local vocational colleges displayed their work and demonstrated their skills in 10 professional fields, such as cooking, auto repair, and image styling, attracting the attention of Chinese and foreign traders. The exhibition coincided with the 14th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trading Expo and the 11th China International Tourism Commodities Expo.

According to Li Jianxin, president of the Yiwu Chenzhen Vocational School, the exhibition was designed to build stronger connections between vocational education institutions and industry. “As soon as the exhibition opened, many visitors came up to me to inquire about my hand-painted cheongsams,” said Song Ziwen, an art design student from Yiwu International Business School. A trader liked her designs and bought one dress for her daughter and many others sought to cooperate with her. “It was quite a surprise, and a fulfilling experience.” Song said that many of her classmates also had orders on the first day of the exhibition.

It was not just students who were pleasantly surprised. Ren Weiyue, president of the Yiwu International Business School, was equally unprepared for the high level of interest shown by traders in the work of his students and teachers, as well as vibrancy of the art market. “This just shows that school-business partnership is an effective means of training for vocational schools,” he said.

Jiang Huajian, a teacher at Yiwu Chenzhen Vocational School, was encouraged by these developments, saying that the exhibition provided teachers with a deeper understanding of the relationship between course development, teaching and market needs.

The exhibition attracted over 1,400 students and teachers, and more than 8,000 traders and visitors, and saw the signing of 16 cooperative agreements between participating schools and businesses.