Vocational Education in Figures

National standards for vocational education

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

Remarkable progress has been achieved in promoting cooperation between vocational training providers and companies. A total of 56 vocational education steering committees have been established, pooling over 3,000 experts from different industries to provide guidance on vocational education from an industrial perspective. 1,400 vocational education groups have been set up, attracting more than 30,000 companies to jointly explore cooperative training mechanisms, such as customized training, “factories in schools” or “schools in factories”, modern apprenticeship, etc. With input from industries and companies, an updated list of vocational college disciplines (770 in total) has been published and a range of standards have been drawn up, including 410 professional teaching standards for vocational colleges, 230 professional teaching standards for secondary vocational schools, 136 internship standards for vocational education institutions, and 30 teaching facility standards for practical training in vocational education institutions.