Government should play guiding role in building a healthy education sector

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

Education embodies the well-being of families and the hope of a nation. As the Chinese government works to build China into a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and rejuvenate the Chinese nation, education must be prioritized.

To begin with , educational authorities at all levels must fully implement the Party’s guidelines on developing education as a top political priority, and their administrative performance should be assessed by how the related objectives are achieved. To ensure progress in educational reforms, they should give clearer direction, introduce more favorable policies and provide more needed support, as well as aligning with the central government’ political stance, direction, and principles on education.

Second, as progress in educational reforms does not happen overnight but requires sustained efforts over an extended period of time, governments at all levels should develop long-term plans as an institutional safeguard against interruptions and distractions. The China Education Modernization 2035 newly released by the central government, which contains the goal of turning China into a modern education powerhouse by 2030, offers a prime example of how such plans should be made.

Third, it is vital to prioritize education when distributing government income and public resources. Overall, China’s government spending on education has remained at over 4 percent of GDP for years, and this has ensured the rapid educational progress nationwide. Funding resources should be further expanded, including by encouraging private sector participation. In addition, money should be spent where it is most needed in a targeted, timely, balanced and efficient manner.

Fourth, governments at all levels should communicate to the general public the vital role of education, to create a climate of respect for teachers. Cultivating a healthy social consensus on education is also pivotal for the successful implementation of national educational strategies.