Schools are the most beautiful and modern buildings in Tibetan local communities


On the afternoon of March 9, the “Members Corridor” opened again to the media before the convention of the second annual session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

In response to a question about current educational conditions for Tibetan children and recent changes that have taken place in Tibetan schools, Tashi said that when the school he worked in was built in 1990,there were only 8 teachers, 108 students and one school building. Today, there are 155 teachers, 2,112 students and three large school buildings fully equipped with modern teaching facilities. The government has provided ample financial resources to improve schooling conditions in remote ethnic-minority areas. For example, children of farmers and herders in Tibet enjoy preferential policies: they are exempt from tuition and can receive free meals and accommodation during the years of compulsory education. Delegates will also be sent to Tibet to provide educational assistance and some schools in Mainland China will enroll Tibet students.

Tashi said: “In today’s Tibet, whether in its cities, towns or villages, the most modern and beautiful buildings in the local community are always the school. As a CPPCC member representing the education sector, I will exert my best efforts and continue contributing to the development of education in Tibet.”