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MOE launches Talent Training Program 2.0

Source: China Education Daily

On April 29, the Ministry of Education officially launched the Talent Training Program 2.0, which will be active from 2019 to 2021 and aims to improve the quality of higher education at undergraduate level in China.

The Program aims to achieve the following three goals:

1. Construction of approximately 10,000 first-class national-level and 10,000 provincial-level undergraduate degree-granting institutions;

2. Creation of approximately 10,000 first-class national-level and approximately 10,000 provincial-level courses, geared to provide students with a more diverse learning experience, including on-line learning, off-line learning, on-off-line hybrid learning, simulation-based learning and social practice-based learning.

3. Construction of approximately 260 high-quality training centers for outstanding students, among which some 60 centers to be dedicated to social science and 200 to natural science and medicine. 17 academic disciplines will be covered: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological sciences, computer science, astronomy, geography, atmospheric sciences, marine sciences, geophysics, geology, psychology, basic medical science, philosophy, economics, Chinese language and literature, and history.

The launch of this program marks a shift from isolated action to more coordinated action between different government entities and sectors, heralding a new phase in China’s higher education revolution.