Connecting experts with farmers and tailoring to farmers’ needs


In 2016, China Agricultural University set up “Muchang Village Science Park” in Zhenkang County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. This was the first science park the University had established in a national-level poor county. Teachers and students of the University visited the village on a regular basis and provided technical assistance to the locals, which proved to be an effective and well-targeted measure to alleviate poverty.

Tailoring to farmers’ needs. Members of the Science Park stayed in close contact with the villagers, and offered timely technical assistance to help them solve problems and increase productivity.

Good agricultural practices improving quality of farm produce. By adopting the agricultural techniques and practices as suggested by the Science Park, famers in the Muchang Village saw a harvest of bigger and sweeter peaches, which were sold at a good price of at least 5 RMB per 500g, while the price of other villages’ peaches were no more than 3 RMB per 500g.

Agricultural expert helping raise farmers’ income. To increase the production of the beef cattle farm of a local villager, the Science Park solicited advice from Professor Cao Binghai, a leading expert in cattle farming of China. Cao visited the farm, and specially designed a new farming model and a formula for low-cost feeds. Two months later, the farm produced bigger and stronger cattle. This successful attempt attracted many farmers from other villages to come and learn from their experience.

Establishing a long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation. The Science Park also organized a diversity of courses and trainings and set up on-site hands-on educational stations to disseminate modern agricultural knowledge and skills. To equip farmers with adequate knowledge and skills is a way to sustain the long-term impact of poverty alleviation efforts.