Three task forces and one team forging synergy to alleviate poverty


Northwest A&F University worked in close collaboration with the government of Heyang County, Shaanxi Province to help alleviate poverty in the local community. Three taskforces and one team have been set up for this purpose:

Party Secretaries Taskforce. The taskforce consisted of the party secretaries of 19 colleges/institutes of the University. Each college/institute set up an expert group to provide assistance to a town and its related agricultural businesses, established a center for industrial-academic cooperation to meet the specific demands of the local community, and adopted well-targeted measures to lift local people out of poverty.

Experts and Professors Taskforce. 168 professors from 19 colleges/institutes of the University were divided into 10 groups. Each group was assigned to develop a program to help improve Qianluo Village Grape Farm—a modernized farm and a poverty alleviation pilot zone in Heyang County. 

Postgraduate Students Taskforce. 42 postgraduate and doctoral students worked as temporary staff members in different government bodies of Heyang County. They helped to develop plans to promote local industries, put into practice the advice provided by the Experts and Professors Taskforce, organize scientific training and science popularization activities, and helped to solve problems arising in the development of local economy. These students were divided into 3 groups and each served for a duration of 6 months.

Professionals Team. 148 excellent professionals and workers working in the local community were selected and formed a team, and collaborated with the above-mentioned taskforces. They helped to prepare more young local people to become skilled professionals, provided technical assistance and advice for policy-making.