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MOE press conference to introduce progress in providing better undergraduate education


MOE held a press conference at Sichuan University[Photo/Zhang Jinsong]

On 22 June, the MOE held a press conference at Sichuan University to present progress made in education through efforts to accelerate the provision of quality four-year college education. Wu Yan, Director of the Higher Education Department under the MOE, Wang Jianguo, Secretary of the Sichuan University Party Committee and Xu Ningsheng, President of Fudan University, attended the conference, while MOE spokesperson Xu Mei served as moderator.

Wu gave an overview of the speech made by Minister of Education Chen Baosheng at the National Conference on Undergraduate Education at Higher Education Institutions held on 21 June, and outlined a series of initiatives that the MOE was planning to introduce. He noted that the MOE would consolidate undergraduate education in the country’s talent cultivation system and give fresh input to curricula and teaching reforms. Majors and disciplines related to emerging industries of strategic importance would be introduced, and a dynamic mechanism would be established for the effective alignment of courses and majors with the nation’s development strategies and social and economic needs. Capacity-building training would be expanded to all college teachers, basic performance-based remunerations would be raised for faculty members, and more financial rewards would be provided to high-achieving teachers. Other measures in the pipeline included wider application of modern information and communication technology (ICT) in education and teaching; creation of cloud-based higher education platforms, and smart classrooms, labs and campuses; more extensive use of the internet, big data, AI and VR in teaching and management; sharing of quality teaching and learning resources; and distributing quality teaching resources to universities located in under-developed central and western provinces to improve teaching quality and educational equality.

Wang and Xu shared measures that Sichuan University and Fudan University had respectively applied to improve the quality of undergraduate education and talent cultivation.