Removing kindergarten enrollment barriers and increasing universally available private preschool resources

Source: www.moe.gov.cn

A K-2 kid climbs tires at the Shangchen Mingfu Kindergarten. Tire climbing can help increase balance, limb coordination and build children’s confidence. To gain firsthand insight into entrenched problems faced by China’s educational system, staff from the MOE Public Information Office visited Shangchen Mingfu Kindergarten in Zibo city, Shandong province on November 29, to observe how preschool reforms have been put into practice, as part of a communications campaign entitled “Education Endeavor 1+1”. Serving new residential areas in the Zibo High-tech Zone, the kindergarten was designed, constructed and brought into service to coincide with the arrival of neighboring community populations, and can accommodate up to 350 children. [Photo/Shan Yiwei; Caption/Zhong Jianfeng]

K-3 kids from the Shangchen Mingfu Kindergarten learn to play basketball. Basketball drills help stimulate children’s interest in basketball. [Photo/Shan Yiwei; Caption/Zhong Jianfeng]

K-2 kids from the Shangchen Mingfu Kindergarten playing house together. Playing house is a role-play game that can help children make sense of their environment, develop problem-solving skills and learn how to interact. [Photo/Shan Yiwei; Caption/Zhong Jianfeng]

K-3 kids from the Shangchen Mingfu Kindergarten visit a farm to learn about where grain and other foods come from and facts about their nutritional value—an activity that helps raise awareness about the value of food, to avoid waste. [Photo/Shan Yiwei; Caption/Zhong Jianfeng]